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MAQUINA DE HELADO DE SOYA❤❤❤❤ Y a solo $0,5 y delicioso!!! #ikea

According to my preschooler, this was delicious! I don't think anyone would notice that this

was a soy based ice cream if nothing was said.

#ikea #soyicecream

Super creamy with savoury soy fragrance. Good marketing by Ikea to let customers have some

fun slotting in the token and seeing the machine churn out the ice cream. There’s even free berry sauce topping! Amazing value at 50c!!
Never got the chance to try despite hearing great reviews till @meowmeowfuzzyface made it a point to drop by. Totally no complaints! 😆

Got my friend to get me the ice cream while I waited at customer service

(did you know they have a 365 day return policy?) and was skeptical that he got the soy based one - turns out they only serve the soy ones now #veganwins
My vegetarian friend couldn’t tell that it was non-dairy until he really had to think about it after he was half way through his ice cream🍦 ...

@dourayra and I went to IKEA a couple of weeks ago and did some major

damage to our wallets after buying stuff for our homes. So naturally could only afford this for lunch 😹 the queue was massive and I’d have easily gotten 2 tbh cause it’s so good (and cheap - it’s cheaper than the bus fair!) it’s no wonder it’s a #sgtop50

Soya Ice Cream cones 🍦 at IKEA! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 So glad to see a major brand

offering vegan alternatives to the masses. Times are indeed changing! 🌿

The ice cream itself is free from dairy, lactose, eggs, nuts and gluten.
Available at both IKEAs (Alexandra and Tampines)

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