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Review of Soya Ice Cream Cone at IKEA Restaurant by jashment

photo of IKEA Restaurant Soya Ice Cream Cone shared by @jashment on  25 Jun 2019 - review

Got my friend to get me the ice cream while I waited at customer service (did you know they have a 365 day return policy?) and was skeptical that he got the soy based one - turns out they only serve the soy ones now #veganwins
My vegetarian friend couldn’t tell that it was non-dairy until he really had to think about it after he was half way through his ice cream🍦 ...

imgoodgirl HAHAHA "he really had to think about it" "halfway through his ice cream" 😂😎 this has been on my bucket list since its launch but i hv yet to try omyyyyy 🙁🤯😬Reply
r3ddrag0n Yea I swear nobody knows that they changed it to soy! Reply
lou yeah they only have soy for the ice cream now! the froyo i think is not soyReply
joyfully IKEA has vegan food now?!?!? 🤯🤯🤯🤯Reply
jashment @joyfully vegan ice cream, yes. If I’m not wrong, the food hall only the veggies balls are vegan Reply
mallory17 Oh man, can't wait for the US to get the ice cream😍😍😍Reply