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The last time I ate Roast Suckling Pig was 14 years ago. My eager meat-lover

brother wanted to impress me with his favourite vegetarian dish. It did impress me! The soy meat is multi layer with an interesting texture. Thank God it does not taste like pork or I may run away. It is crisp on the outside and overall a very yummy crunchy mouthful. It comes with a piquant sauce that is sweet and slightly tart. That makes it more appetizing & makes you go for seconds. The pix shows the sauce as a hero between the soy meat & veggies. It comes with fresh leaves of chinese lettuce to wrap the dish with cucumber sticks. Makes it so refreshing to bite into the wrapped pieces with a variety of crunch from the lettuce, cucumber and bean curd skin. Five star dish!
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Dear Vegans & Supporters,
Saw your highly recommended reviews & made it a quest to try

it! The different textures & layers in the mock meat was ridiculously impressive. Lettuce was really fresh, gave an additional crunchiness to it. Crispy, crunchy soft yet chewy, food art at its finest! Lastly, the sauce is to die for, was so in love with it, I ask for more & dipped it with all the other dishes that I’ve ordered. 💎

#crf #crfsg


This dish was a star! Full of flavor and crispiness. You dip it in sauce

and wrap it with lettuce and cucumber and eat it! And they gave the exact number of lettuce leaves and cucumbers and slices. #effort Only drawback is the sauce may drip all over your hand 😂

This mock pig 😍 deffo a centrepiece everyone would want to dig into. The ‘meat’

was a lovely chewy texture and the outside cronchy and salty heaven. Defffooo get this when you come here! #veganin2020

Aka 鸿运乳猪 in Chinese~

This was super sinful but tasty 🥺 It had layers of crispy

beancurd skin inside, but the outer layer and sweet black sauce made the dish really shine 😋 #abillionturns3

This is a must order for my sister! We always have these and loving it

still. I find it fun to use hands to wrap it and eat from hands... 🙌🏻 #abillionlove

This is really good stuff. I like it that it is served with fresh lettuce

leaves 🥬 to wrap the “pig” in with a piece of cucumber for crunch and sweet sticky soy sauce for flavour. The crunchy on the outside “meat” has a soft chewy texture on the inside and there are mushrooms in it and not sure what else.

Liked this better than the one from Eight Treasures! Although once you wrap it in

the lettuce with cucumber and the sweet sauce, it comes across more like Peking duck than suckling pig to me. Still good tho and I enjoyed it despite having a sore throat that day.

Deep fried stuff cant go wrong. You can make a lettuce and cucumber wrap with

this inside and dip in dark/sweet? soy sauce. The insides is layered soy. I prefer this over eight treasure's version because it's less mushy.

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