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  • Pho Vegetarian Brown Rice Noodle
  • Pho Vegetarian Brown Rice Noodle

Pho Vegetarian Brown Rice Noodle

by NamNam - Suntec City


4.02 (35)

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14 April 2021
A really warm and comforting bowl of soup but I definitely prefer the one from

Kind Bowl! I wish there were more tofu and/or muhsrooms to go around. I liked the brown rice noodles though!

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24 February 2021
A regular sized bowl of this will fill you up nicely!

I prefer a little more fillings in my noodles so if you’re like me I would recommend topping up extra veggies as I had to ration my noodle to filling portions to make sure I don’t just end up with too much noodles and no fillings left 😅 Very tasty flavours too! #abillionlove

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25 March 2023
Hmmmm, i was seriously craving for Pho n been wanting to try the pho here

so i did.

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18 November 2020
I haven’t had good pho since I became vegan so I was really happy

to eat this extremely delicious pho! Came in a set with a drink and spring rolls for $11.90 which I think was very worth it. Only complaint would be that there was not enough protein in the...

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12 February 2020
Went to Nam Nam after shopping at ion and was actually looking forward to their

vegan Pho which I found out they have discontinued 😢 This dish was good too with the tofu stuff inside and I added some chilli to give it a bit of heat and I’d say it’s a good option for those who are less inclined to spicy food

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9 January 2019
The bowl was really big and I couldn’t finish the noodles.

The soup was tasty and there was lots of veggie and tofu in there. Overall satisfied :)

#pho #vietnamese

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21 November 2020
A comforting bowl of noodle soup, especially in a rainy day.

The broth can be more flavourful and herbaceous. Adding hoisin sauce and lime juice definitely gives it extra kick 😋

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20 June 2020
A light noodle soup dish with vegetables and tofu.

Would have preferred for the broth to be warmer - it was kind of lukewarm.

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2 May 2019
Has fishball and vegan bites inside too??

Quite the bonus but the vegan bites are soy and taste like absolute cardboard garbage. Soup was tasteless and the plaza sing outlet DOES NOT HAVE CUT CHILLI. DO NOT EAT HERE

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2 January 2021
So decided to do #veganuary this year and this was my first meal out and...woweee

it was great! Surprisingly filling and relatively healthy! Win...

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