Pho Vegetarian Brown Rice Noodle

  • Is Pho Vegetarian Brown Rice Noodle vegan? Yes! Pho Vegetarian Brown Rice Noodle is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I bought this under Lunch Set ($12.90 inc choice of drink and papaya salad). I

think it is very worth the price! To be honest I am not a fan of Vietnam food hence not a regular customer here, but settled here as it has both veg and non-veg options. Herbs added fragrance to the soup. Soup hot and not too salty. Generous ingredients. Big bowl (so heavy to carry back to table). Will come back for this again :)

Side salad appetising too. Not spicy like the thai version, so no issues for those who can't take spicy food.

I opted for iced lotus tea. Found that a little bland but I guess good for people looking for healthy option

Small bowl of vegetarian brown rice noodles soup for dinner @ $9.90 😋 they have

regular size @$11.90 Likey soupy stuff! Yummmz! They also offer a few other vege options!

Soup noodles with a soy ring roll, fried firm tofu, beansprouts, tomatoes, and bok choy.

Light and simple dish that tasted nice. My main gripe was the small quantity of ingredients. Choice of white rice noodles or brown rice noodles. (Alliums can be removed upon request, $9.90 / Small, $12.90 / Regular) #sgvegan #vietnamese #veganoptions

The bowl was really big and I couldn’t finish the noodles. The soup was tasty

and there was lots of veggie and tofu in there. Overall satisfied :)
#pho #vietnamese

So decided to do #veganuary this year and this was my first meal out and...woweee

it was great! Surprisingly filling and relatively healthy! Win win! Bring in the next few weeks 🙌🏼 #veganuarysg

A regular sized bowl of this will fill you up nicely! I prefer a little

more fillings in my noodles so if you’re like me I would recommend topping up extra veggies as I had to ration my noodle to filling portions to make sure I don’t just end up with too much noodles and no fillings left 😅 Very tasty flavours too! #abillionlove

Decently rich broth, and love the springy thin texture of the brown rice noodles! Ingredients

were all natural with fresh shrooms, tofu and veggies instead of the mock meat. Huge portion as well, not bad! Wouldn't mind coming back again for it 😀

Hmmmm, i was seriously craving for Pho n been wanting to try the pho here

so i did.
So underwhelming,terribly overpriced for ths quality.

The broth was ok,light and tasty enough (perhaps i just like strong taste). Thr’s 2 pieces of mushroom,2 pieces of tofu,1 piece of tht dried beancurd,some beansprouts n too little of the herbs.

Seriously,for this price,they could at least put in more effort rite?..

I really need to try making my own pho but been too busy to try.🫤

Very refreshing and healthy tasting. Would recommend to anyone who like dishes in a soup.


Happy to find out they have a vegetarian option! Great set-lunch value !

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