Review of Pho Vegetarian Brown Rice Noodle at NamNam - Raffles City by skootykoots

photo of NamNam - Raffles City Pho Vegetarian Brown Rice Noodle shared by @skootykoots on  25 Mar 2023 - review

Hmmmm, i was seriously craving for Pho n been wanting to try the pho here so i did.
So underwhelming,terribly overpriced for ths quality.

The broth was ok,light and tasty enough (perhaps i just like strong taste). Thr’s 2 pieces of mushroom,2 pieces of tofu,1 piece of tht dried beancurd,some beansprouts n too little of the herbs.

Seriously,for this price,they could at least put in more effort rite?..

I really need to try making my own pho but been too busy to try.🫤

bigfatnyancat try the pho from kind bowl! 🙂1 likeReply
skootykoots Ahhh yes ive tried n love their food!!
Just wasnt in d mood to head down to town area 1 likeReply
skootykoots @bigfatnyancat to head to that part of town i meanReply

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