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Chicken Rice

by Daily Green


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15 October 2020
I loved how they packed my takeaway box to the brim with their fluffy fragrant

rice 🤩 #carbsforlife it’s so tasty I could eat it on its own with just dark soy sauce and chilli, which was more tangy than spicy. The chicken here is made of tofu skin, so it doesn’t quite mimick real meat in terms of texture but it doesn’t have to because the flavors are bang on! Super great value at $3.50 too 🙌 #sgcheapandgood

#veganisnotscary day 15

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A nice #comfortfood classic dish. Just $4 #sgcheapandgood. Nice flavourful rice yay! I love this

classic tau kee chicken. Soy sauce goes very nicely. Char siew is not bad, I'm not into this kind of veggie but all in all it's a good meal. It comes with yummy soup. Being at the coffee shop my non veg family could order what they want too. This stall leaves us #spoiltforchoice with so many choices. Staff are very friendly. #abillionturns3 🎂🥳

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I don't know about you but the best part of chicken rice is the rice

and chilli. And Daily Green's has good, flavourful and fluffy rice, and great chilli with a kick! The 'chicken' is just tofu and not at all realistic but tbh after trying multiple mock chicken rice, I decided that I prefer this beancurd type 'chicken'. 😋 The only thing meh on this plate was the char siu, which was nothing special. Might try and see if I can omit it next time! #abillionlove

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This stall serves chicken rice everyday. The rice is fragrant, the chicken is made from

beancurd sheets (the type i enjoy the most), chilli is on point. They drizzle dark sauce and sesame oil which brings out the taste even more. Portion is also generous at a very affordable price. Their soup is not the MSG lazy kind of soup. You can actually taste the beans and veg they use in it.

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Really nicely plated for a simple chicken rice 😅 overall good. Comes with some char

siew, a little bit of bok choy and cucumber (under the chicken). The chicken was quite moist and chewy. Would have liked a bit more bok choy and I wish the chicken skin was a bit crispier, but it was a good lunch for $4.

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