How close are plant-based companies in replicating an egg?

4 Apr 2022

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cover Photo: Just Egg

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Thanks to food tech innovations in the vegan protein alternative sector, the question is fast becoming moot.

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According to Vegconomist, the vegan egg industry is predicted to grow up to $3.3 billion by 2031. Our top 10 predictions in the plant-based industry also point to the vegan egg market set to boom.

Based on our data report, the highest reviews (more than 700) on the platform are for JUST, "which replicates the taste and texture of beaten eggs". Like JUST, other vegan egg brands are also shaking the alternative protein market. Float Foods is one worth noting because the Singaporean start-up has developed one of the world's first whole egg substitutes made from legumes (including yolks!).

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With all the new plant-based egg substitutes, we're closer than ever to developing a sustainable food system, inching us closer to a meat-free future. While many brands are creating a difference, we've highlighted five of them, who are changing the world, one plant-based egg at a time.

The Every Company

Every Company, a San Francisco-based food tech company, has launched an animal-free egg-like protein that boasts the same nutritional profile as a chicken egg. While Every's Clear Egg is not out on the market yet, here's what you can grab instead: macarons made with Every EggWhite.

pic Every x Chantal Guillion collab. Photo: Every

These egg whites made with plant-based egg proteins are created to replicate the DNA from an actual egg. The process is known as precision fermentation, where the DNA structure is replicated with yeast and sugar. The result? A plant-based protein with no sugar and not genetically modified.

This limited edition box is a collaboration between Every and Chantal Guillion, a patisserie that specializes in French macarons. Each box comes with six macarons. You can expect flavors like pistachio, passion fruit, earl grey, and strawberry. To pre-order, find more details here.

Le Papondu

For this Parisian start-up, it took 50 test recipes to perfect their plant-based egg product. Le Papondu was created by two biologists, Sheryline Thavisouk and Philippine Soulères. They were inspired after realizing that many people cannot consume eggs due to allergies or opt not to because of a vegan diet.

pic Le Papondu’s vegan egg. Photo: Le Papondu

This liquid vegan egg has seven ingredients, including fava bean flour, oil, water, and salt. The orange yolky color comes from carrots. Le Papondu claims each egg has 10g of protein per 100g, similar to an egg which has 13g.

Le Papondu hopes to develop a shell identical to its animal counterpart to stand out from other brands. The product will soon be available at restaurants and stocked in supermarkets later in the year.

Plant B

Liquid-based egg alternatives are all the rage right now. Plan B, a German-based food tech company, will launch a liquid alternative made with sweet lupin protein (a type of legume) in April.

egg Plant B’s liquid vegan egg. Photo: Plant B

Its eggs are rich in protein, fiber, and zinc and are made with seven ingredients, including lupin flour, sunflower oil, and herbs. Compared to a standard egg, it has 50 percent fewer calories.

Making a sustainable impact runs deep in its mission as well. It takes 97 percent less water than rearing a chicken during the production process, while the main ingredient, Lupine, increases soil fertility as the plant has an ability to generate nitrogen into the soil.


Berlin-based startup Perfeggt might be new to the liquid egg alternative market after being founded only in 2021, but they’re already gearing to sell its flagship product made from fava beans as the main protein. The company was founded by Tanja Bogumil (Chief Executive Officer), Gary Lin, and Bernd Becker (Chief Procurement Officer).

pic Perfeggt’s liquid egg. Photo: EatPerfeggt

Need breakfast inspo? Perfeggt is rich with protein and can be used to make a scrambled egg or omelet in a pan. It will be available in selected countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Australia by the first quarter of 2022.

Oh My Cluck

pic Oh My Cluck’s vegan eggs. Photo: Oh My Cluck

Oh My Cluck, a South African company, has nearly perfected its crack-and-cook at-home vegan eggs. The eggshell is made with recyclable material. But it doesn't just stop there. Once an egg is cracked, you can return the shell for sterilization or continue recycling. The company is hoping to build a mold to create a hundred percent biodegradable plant-based shell in the future. Pre-order these ready-to-crack eggs here. You'll receive six in a carton, ready to be fried or poached – whichever way you prefer.

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