Editor’s pick: the most stylish men’s vegan leather goods

24 Mar 2022

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vegan leather Photo: Deadwood

From ancient times, leather has been humanity’s go-to material for crafting everything from primitive footwear to rudimentary satchels. Today, it has morphed into a US$350.7 billion industry, making its way into an entire range of products.

Perhaps it’s testament to the mass appeal of leather, but the devastation it wrecks on the planet and the sheer number of animals sacrificed in the name of vanity is untenable. Surely we can all get dressed or carry our belongings without having to skin an innocent animal?

Thankfully there’s been a rise in companies making plant-based leather, and it’s fast being adopted across the fashion industry.

From boots to laptop sleeves and even a full leather jacket, here are our picks on the sexiest men’s vegan leather products out on the market right now.

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Desert Boots by Nae

vegan leather Photo: Nae

Leather aficionados generally fall under two camps: those that like it sleek and shiny and those that love it looking aged and somewhat distressed. If you prefer the latter then we’ve got some good news: Pinatex, which is made from pineapple leaf fibres, has that similar crumpled texture. Portuguese shoemakers Nae turn this plant-based leather into a range of shoes and the lace up desert boots have caught our eye. Besides its rustic aesthetic, the Pinatex is also known to be naturally water-resistant, making it the natural material of choice for stylish footwear.

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Acacia Backpack by Labante London

vegan leather Photo: Labante London

Backpacks have been given a fashionable facelift ever since high end labels like Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta sent them down the runways in 2015. Gone are its collegiate connotations as grown men began matching these bags with their suits and formal work attire. Now in 2022, we’re happy to say that vegan leather versions are being created with minimal impact on the planet. This Acacia Backpack by Peta-approved vegan brand Labante London is one such stunning example. The leather is made from vegetable by-products and polyurethane while the interiors are crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Its straps are comfortably padded which makes this bag the ideal companion whether you’re on a long commute on the subway or on a long hike out in nature.

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River leather jacket by Deadwood

vegan leather Photo: Deadwood

So you wanna look badass without involving the slaughter of any animals? Deadwood Studios is your answer. The Swedish brand has a range of vegan leather products made out of organic cactus – and that includes men’s leather jackets in four colorways: black, green, red and beige. The silhouette is closely cut to the body that almost recalls the heady rockabilly days of Dior under Hedi Slimane. The jacket stops right around the hip and sports a button flap at the bottom rather than a belted fastener to keep you looking sharp.

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Laptop sleeve by Oliver Company London

vegan leather Photo: Oliver Company London

Post-pandemic, work has taken on a whole new meaning. Entire industries have now gone mobile and with that, comes the need to move around with your laptop safely. But ditch that generic (read: ugly) standard issue nylon bag and slot it into one of these sexy laptop sleeves by Oliver Company London. It’s crafted entirely out of apple leather – a material made from apple waste sourced from Italy’s fruit juice and compote industry. Despite the sleeve’s seemingly thin size, it comes with protective padding to keep your laptop safe from scratches and boasts a simple minimalist design that will look right at home both in a cafe and in the boardroom.

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The Classic Duffle by Mahi Leather

vegan leather Photo: Mahi Leather

While most plant-based leather materials out in the market try its best to resemble non-vegan leather, cork leather doesn’t pretend to be anything other than itself. One glance and you would instantly be able to tell that it’s identifiably made from cork. This is a trait Mahi Leather has taken and gone to town with, producing an entire duffle bag big enough to fit all your belongings. This is the perfect bag, whether you’re using it as a hold-all carrier to fit your work belongings and gym clothes or as the weekend escape bag. It’s as sturdy as any other leather duffle bag with one major benefit: it’s a bold statement on sustainability that’s bound to get conversations started.

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@vikas profile image
vikas10 MONTHS AGO
Love the cork bag!
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vikas10 MONTHS AGO
Damn I just looked at the Deadwood and Mahi websites and both of them actually use and sell a lot of real animal skin leather products. Sad that we couldn’t find brands that are truly embracing doing the right thing.
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hzcork7 MONTHS AGO
HZCORK is the manufacturer of this cork vegan leather. www.hzcork.com