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abillionveg's Top 20 Vegan Ice Cream Awards 2020

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best ice creams 2020

To celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 19th, we are recognizing the best ice cream products from around the world, "abillionveg" approved by you guys!

Here's the scoop on the winners of abillionveg Top 20 Vegan Ice Cream Awards 2020!

Top vegan ice creams Images by @mallory17 and @laysvinagreta

1. Dairy-Free Almond By Magnum

Miss the experience of furiously licking your ice cream bar to keep it from melting all over your hands? Thankfully, Magnum is allowing us to relive those memories with its dairy-free ice cream bars!

2. Chocolate Fudge Brownie Non-Dairy By Ben & Jerry's

Still scooping ice cream onto your brownie? That's so old-school. Ben & Jerry's has just veganized its brownie-stuffed chocolate ice cream, with the brownies from a bakery that strives to provide jobs and training to low-income residents. A sinless dessert — what a dream come true!

plant based ice cream Images by @veganmili and @nivel5

3. Helado de Dulce de Leche By Felices Las Vacas

Think vegan ice cream can never be as satisfying as dairy-laden ones? Felices Las Vacas is here to prove you wrong! Its Helado de Dulce de Leche has been highly raved about for its richness and decadence comparable to that of artisanal gourmet ice cream. No more FOMO going vegan!

4. Not Icecream Strawberries & Cream By NotCo

The packaging of this dessert screams "NOT ICECREAM", and this confidence is clearly warranted! NotCo knows it doesn't have to piggyback on the popularity of dairy ice cream to rise to fame. The creamy deliciousness of its own products is enough to rival the dairy-loaded frozen desserts out there!

best plant-based ice cream Images by @jaynap and @jamesallnutt

5. Caramel Almond Brittle By Ben & Jerry's

Made with almond milk and loaded with crunchy bits of almond brittle, you're allowed to go nuts with this one!

6. Smooth Vanilla Ice Cream By Swedish Glace

This is the one we need to have in our freezers ALL THE TIME. Wallet-friendly, unpretentious and versatile, this simple soy-based vanilla ice cream will stand by you through thick and thin!

Top vegan ice creams Images by @kaylabear and @dianna

7. Chocolate Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert By Oatly

Oatly has taken the world by storm with its insanely creamy oat milk, but no way is it stopping there! Its chocolate ice cream is here to blow our minds once again. Come on now, how can ice cream made with the creamiest oat milk on earth not be good?!

best vegan gelato Images by @rifugiomiletta and @awinter141

9. Gelato Sandwich By Valsoia

You can get away with eating this one for lunch, it's a "sandwich" after all right?

10. Chocolate Cookies N' Cream Cashewmilk By So Delicious

Since so many of you love it, this must truly be So Delicious! But it comes as no surprise — using what is arguably the creamiest nut, this cashew-based ice cream can't not be creamy.

ice cream Images by @dianna and @dianna

11. Lotta Mint Chip By Nada Moo!

12. Salted Caramel Swirl Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert By Daiya

If you thought this would be some cheese-flavored ice cream, we don't blame you. After all, who doesn't recognize Daiya for its array of cheese selections? Thankfully, Daiya knows not to play around with our favorite dessert, but to present us with an appetizing combo of salted caramel, coconut, and chocolate!

vegan ice cream Images by @thefoodiecorner and @melicg

13. Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream By Alpro

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are what would come to mind when we hear "rich in fiber". But believe it or not, this ice cream by Alpro has joined the ranks too! Now show your digestive system some love by indulging in this nutty chocolatey goodness.

14. Icepop 72 % By Lucciano’s

For an intense chocolatey experience, go for this bar made with, you guessed it, 72% dark chocolate. With this number conspicuously printed on not just the packaging but the ice cream ITSELF, we can tell how passionate Lucciano's is about its chocolate!

vegan desserts Images by @moomo and @sironijara

15. Helado de Soja con Mango y Frambuesa By Hacendado

A fruity ice cream is your best bet in beating the summer heat, especially when it's fruits that are right in season! But tell me, who needs any reason to eat mango, raspberries and ice cream?

16. Cornetto Dairy Free By Cornetto

Cone lovers rejoice! We wouldn't have any cone ice cream at all if not for this one. It's a vanilla soy ice cream encased in a chocolate-coated wafer cone, and the cone's gluten-free! How's that for inclusivity?

best of vegan ice creams Images by @sofiasp00n and @belendharmakat

17. Helado Sabor Café Latte By Haulani

If you see this in the freezer aisle, be rest assured that it’s an ice cream, not a drink. And be sure to put it in your shopping cart! Probably not a good idea to have it as a late-night snack though, unless you’re burning the midnight oil. Your coffee literally can’t get cooler than this!

18. Chocolate Salted Caramel By Booja-Booja

Booja-Booja has done it again! This flavor explosion is made with just SIX simple ingredients and has won 11 awards. We'll stop here — you have to experience the magic for yourself.

plant based ice creams Images by @happykow and @gretchens

Onde-Onde, a Malaysian dessert, are glutinous rice balls infused with pandan juice (hence the green hue), stuffed with palm sugar and generously coated with coconut shavings. As to whether this ice cream manages to replicate its flavor, it's a resounding YES from locals!

20. Non-Dairy Dilly Bars By Dairy Queen

To have Dairy Queen relaunch its classic fan-favorite without any dairy in it is pretty revolutionary don't you think! Hopefully, this signals the introduction of more vegan items in the near future!

So, who’s your favorite?

These are the ice cream products that won the abillionveg Top 20 Ice Cream Awards 2020. To save this list and refer to it later, like and follow the Top 20 Vegan Ice Cream Awards 2020 Collection.

Have you tried any of them? Let us know which ones you enjoy in the comments below!

Psst.. And hang tight for more Top 20 Awards in the coming months!

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@mariaubergine profile image
mariaubergine3 YEARS AGO
I’m gonna try the Magnum vegan ice cream ASAP! 😛🥰
@lovelyladygamer profile image
lovelyladygamer3 YEARS AGO
@mariaubergine I have some of that in my freezer now. It is AMAZING!!
@tnahar profile image
tnahar3 YEARS AGO
I'm on a hunt for the Daiya salted caramel icecream now.
@jashment profile image
jashment3 YEARS AGO
Nada Moo! will you please come to Singapore so we can try it too. So jealous of all the people who’ve tried and reviewed it on here!
@dealeya profile image
dealeya3 YEARS AGO
Revolution Gelato Cardamon Kiss
@feelideal profile image
feelideal3 YEARS AGO
i'm irate because i rate Haagen Dazs non-dairy Amaretto Spirits as the absolute best!
@ksauve profile image
ksauve3 YEARS AGO
Breyer’s makes the creamiest non-dairy Almond milk ice cream. Any flavor!!! 💕
@manuelita profile image
manuelita3 YEARS AGO
I love that they are coming up with vegan ice cream but always keep in mind: Vegan does not always mean healthy, just saying...
@theknightwhosaysne profile image
B&J Netflix and Chill'd is my new jam. Trader Joe's soy ice cream mini sandwiches are great too and nostalgic
@patrickvsd profile image
patrickvsd3 YEARS AGO
Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss Chocolate Peanut Butter! Or Oatly Strawberry! So good!!!
@pilotalba profile image
pilotalba3 YEARS AGO
Can I have them all?
@missykab profile image
missykab3 YEARS AGO
Thank you for sharing these!🛒😋
@coolcuisine profile image
coolcuisine3 YEARS AGO
Try Conscious Creamery in Sacramento, California
@vikas profile image
vikas3 YEARS AGO
@coolcuisine I used to live in Sacramento! Don’t think this was around though back then 😢
@marij profile image
marij3 YEARS AGO
My favorite vegan dessert is Coconut bliss-vanilla bean!!!
@jeromi4559 profile image
jeromi45593 YEARS AGO
@patwaririshab omg we should go find some vegan ice cream next time
@sunit profile image
sunit3 YEARS AGO
By the way are these ice creams available in Singapore?
@abillion profile image
abillion3 YEARS AGO
Hi @sunit! Thanks for your question. The ice creams that are available in Singapore are Ben & Jerry's Non- Dairy
@abillion profile image
abillion3 YEARS AGO
@sunit both flavors -Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Caramel Almond Brittle, Dairy-Free Almond Magnum, Smooth Vanilla Ice Cream By Swedish Glace, and Dairy-free Onde Onde Ice Cream By The Ice Cream & Cookie Co 😉
@skinnykatwoman profile image
skinnykatwoman3 YEARS AGO
I’m salty that Selva Foods are not on here but that’s ok as they’re only available in Singapore 🙊 (but in the near future I’m sure they’ll take over the world you heard it here first ohoho)
@valeconti97 profile image
valeconti973 YEARS AGO
I want to try! 😍
@luisina15 profile image
luisina153 YEARS AGO
Muy buenaaaa
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