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Irvin Carrero

Vegan-Truck-Cook & social media entrepreneur of a solar powered foodtrailer. I'm inspired by urban permaculture and Interested in filming a vegan movie. 🧑‍🍳

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This is my solar operated vegan foodtrailer. Here I'm testing vegan recipes such as vegan cheeses, vegan butter, vegan frituras (puertorican fritters), smoothies, piraguas and vegan tacos, burritos and wraps. I'll also be more

yofunkylady Where is this?2 likesReply
veganmovie It's located on the corner of Loop St. and Golf rd. Punta Borinquen Aguadilla. I just started. The foodtrailer is on the driveway of my house and I'd like to serve vegan food to my community. Thanks for the your interest and following, I've followed you back.2 likesReply
yofunkylady Thanx for following too and thanx for lettin me know where it is ✊1 likeReply
veganmovie What's your thoughts about following any whom follows you here on @abillion10?1 likeReply
veganmovie So far a I've chosen to follow most that have followed me. But I'm new to this platform.Reply
yofunkylady Lol I only follow people who follow me, if I follow someone and they don’t follow me, I unfollow. And I stopped following one person coz they were in Hong Kong and I’ll never go there.. what bout u? 🤗Reply
yofunkylady I wrote ‘Awesome! Good for you!👏👏👏 But it didn’t post1 likeReply
veganmovie Thanks that is interesting that it didn't post. Maybe it's a kink in the system. Thanks @yofunkylady 1 likeReply
yofunkylady Probably, I have had other problems with this app like clicking buttons and they won’t workReply
avecdeschiens Very cool! Best wishes with your new venture! 2 likesReply
veganmovie Thanks I appreciate your best wishes. I'll be cooking mostly with solar power rather than methane. Blessings to you.1 likeReply
tamiapple Love it! 💕1 likeReply
veganmovie Thanks, hope to post some vegan video recipes soon. Thanks for your kindness. Blessings to you and all you kindred spirits.1 likeReply
tamiapple Looking forward to your posts! 😊1 likeReply
veganmovie So now your encouraging me, goodness... I had started a permacultural YouTube channel but since Hurricane María I've stopped. Ever since then I'd been trying to get my bearings at to how to move forward. So hopefully I'll be cooking-up some good eats. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.1 likeReply
veganmovie I forgot to say that encouragement is exactly what I needed and it feels awesome👍. Thank you @tamiapple.1 likeReply
tamiapple That’s fantastic, thank you! We are rooting for you and your truck! 😊2 likesReply
veganmovie Changed my username because of this video: https://youtu.be/txQ9EJfy6t42 likesReply
tamiapple Bummer! The link didn’t work - perhaps placing the link in a post, or on your AB header (rather than in comments) will allow users to click through to view it? Either way, looking forward to viewing once we can! 😊Reply
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