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Eating delicious vegan food all over Mlbn. Cat mum of 2 beautiful rescues ❤️

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photo of Bar Pigalle BBQ jackfruit cigar shared by @alxvgnmelb on  31 Jan 2022 - reviewphoto of Bar Pigalle BBQ jackfruit cigar shared by @alxvgnmelb on  31 Jan 2022 - review

An interesting dish I had recently before a burlesque show. Crispy pastry filled with bbq jackfruit and served with a vegan ‘ash aioli’. When I commented on how vegan-friendly the menu was, I was told that about half the more

veganadam That dish is different! 👍1 likeReply
itsjustmel yay! ❤1 likeReply
lil-chickpea Creative!1 likeReply
photo of Ren Dao Vegetarian Restaurant Vegan ‘duck’ with Plum Sauce shared by @alxvgnmelb on  30 Jan 2022 - review

Some of the best mock meat I’ve had and apparently one of the most popular dishes on their menu. This was incredibly crispy and flavourful, but there were also some larger, more tender pieces. Our omnivore friends went back more

unejanie awesome!1 likeReply
unejanie (about the omnivore friends, but then also that it was so good)1 likeReply
alxvgnmelb I know - I was quite chuffed when they told me! :)1 likeReply
photo of Lentil As Anything, St Kilda Curry of the day shared by @alxvgnmelb on  09 Jan 2022 - review

Lentil as Anything is vegan and is ‘pay as you can’. It provides free meals without question to those who cannot pay. When I’m there, I like to #payitforward to ensure that this business is viable for years to come! Not more

itsjustmel What an amazing idea ❤1 likeReply
unejanie wow!!!1 likeReply
lil-chickpea Cool initiative 😊 1 likeReply
photo of Saul’s Sandwiches Eggplant cutlet sandwich shared by @alxvgnmelb on  07 Jan 2022 - reviewphoto of Saul’s Sandwiches Eggplant cutlet sandwich shared by @alxvgnmelb on  07 Jan 2022 - review

There are sandwiches and then there are ~👑 sandwiches 👑 ~. This was a ~ 👑 sandwich 👑 ~. It had vegan mozzarella, broccoli rabe, chargrilled red peppers, vegan aioli, and breaded and fried eggplant strips. I added some more

photo of The Humble Vegan 70% Dark Cocoa with Peppermint Chips shared by @alxvgnmelb on  03 Jan 2022 - review

The Humble Vegan

Damn right I will! My friend got me this 😊 It wasn’t the tastiest chocolate I’ve had, but it was still yum. I’m always happy to discuss veganism and the fact that a better world for animals is a better world for all of more

itsjustmel Nice! I'd be happy to talk about it too, but I find no one ever asks! Maybe they're too afraid to, lol. But seriously, I don't think I've ever been asked about it, other than the usual where do you get protein and don't you miss meat 🙄 Nothing about the philosophy itself or any of the substantive topics. Do people ask you about it? I'm genuinely curious!2 likesReply
alxvgnmelb I also find that almost nobody asks! I definitely think it’s because deep down, people know they’d be forced into defending the indefensible, especially given the ubiquity of factory farms. I get fairly creative with how I steer a conversation in the direction of veganism lol. For example, when discussing things like COVID, antibiotic resistance, environmental degradation etc., I’ll always acknowledge (where appropriate) how such issues are deeply linked to animal exploitation etc. I just plant seeds where I can...and I don’t always wait for an invitation to do so hehe. I also just discuss how awesome animals are and how they deserve so much more respect than they get. Reply
itsjustmel You sound like a pro! I like the idea of planting seeds but I'm still working on doing it in a subtle way, I'll have to try your technique and just drop bits of info into the conversation. It has been a really interesting experience from a social perspective. I had not expected people to just freeze up at the mention of veganism. In some ways it's a bit disappointing when no one asks questions, I have so much information I want to share lol! Maybe it's an Aus thing, people here seem to avoid confrontation at all costs (or at least in my immediate circles). Thanks heaps for the reply! 😊🤗1 likeReply
alxvgnmelb Avoiding confrontation at all costs is indeed the Aussie way lol ;) That said, more and more of us are going vegan every day...so the message is getting out there - yay 🌱❤️Reply
photo of Smith and Deli The Godfather shared by @alxvgnmelb on  21 Dec 2021 - review

As the guy next to us at the deli said, ‘sometimes you just need a fat vegan sandwich’. Loaded with ‘salami’, ‘pepperoni’, basil, rocket, olives, roasted red pepper and cheeze...this answered the call. #veganisnotscary #thefutureisvegan

lil-chickpea Looks great 🤩 3 likesReply
alxvgnmelb So so good 😍2 likesReply
lol1409 I like this guy. 3 likesReply
alxvgnmelb a man of the people 1 likeReply
brtjohns Did he say it like phat or fat, or am I speaking too American right nowReply
photo of Yay! Foods Yay Marinated Fetta shared by @alxvgnmelb on  20 Dec 2021 - review

Yay! Foods

Happiness is a good vegan cheese board. This marinated feta is incredible. Multiple omnis have told me they prefer it to the dairy alternative (win!). Melt in your mouth feta, marinated in rosemary and garlic infused oil more

photo of Moon dog craft brewery Strawbs & Cream Fizzer shared by @alxvgnmelb on  18 Dec 2021 - reviewphoto of Moon dog craft brewery Strawbs & Cream Fizzer shared by @alxvgnmelb on  18 Dec 2021 - review

Moon dog craft brewery

I’m not a big drinker but mum got these for me to have at an Xmas function because they’re vegan (thanks mum!). I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this product - light and refreshing and great on a hot evening. Not too more

photo of Sable Chunky White Choc Macadamia Cookie shared by @alxvgnmelb on  17 Dec 2021 - review

Shared this with my sister who recently went vegan because #veganisnotscary and #thefutureisvegan and #veganfortheanimals. Another famous Sable cookie! This time white choc macadamia. More like a hybrid between a blondie more

unejanie 🤤🤤🤤1 likeReply
lil-chickpea I love toasted chocolate 🤤 1 likeReply
alxvgnmelb Me too...especially when the inside is melted ✨1 likeReply
photo of Vegan Now Scrambled tofu shared by @alxvgnmelb on  16 Dec 2021 - review

Throwback to some of the most delicious vegan food i’ve ever eaten. This box of pure goodness was from Vegan Now in Chicago, Illinois. Loved their scramble and the biscuit and the breaded cauliflower and broccoli...in other more

convicti0n i wanted to go there a couple weeks ago but they were closed! thanks for this :)1 likeReply
alxvgnmelb It really is so good! I believe this is a branch of Soul Vegetarian (which seems like an amazing institution), so if this location is still closed, you may have more luck at their other locations :)1 likeReply
convicti0n they’re open again! soul vegetarian was remodeled recently, i need to go try it out! thank you 😊 1 likeReply
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