Review of coffee creamer sweet & creamy - Chobani by beckyyy

photo of Chobani coffee creamer sweet & creamy shared by @beckyyy on  03 Jun 2024 - reviewphoto of Chobani coffee creamer sweet & creamy shared by @beckyyy on  03 Jun 2024 - review


Welp, this is a tough review to make. Usually the tough ones are for products from vegan companies that need improvement. (It is hard to be critical of vegan companies but it is important to give feedback!). This is quite the opposite - a product from a non-vegan company that is incredible….but unfortunately has already been discontinued 😩

We’ve continued to have pretty chilly mornings lately so I’m still on my hot morning coffee game. I thought it was odd that I couldn’t find my fave Chobani creamers anywhere and then realized this is because they’ve been discontinued 😭😭😭. Fortunately for me I found a bottle of my fave caramel creamer as well as this sweet and creamy version at Grocery Outlet.

This creamer is!!! It has an almost marzipan flavor. It’s very sweet, and creamy just as advertised. It’s definitely for the #sweettooth crew. It feels so indulgent but it’s certainly better for the wallet than a coffeehouse latte.

I’m just so disappointed that Chobani discontinued their vegan yogurts and now vegan creamers as they were both so so so good.

Capitalism is NOT the key to animal liberation but it’s still disappointing to see that a non-vegan company created some amazing vegan options and ended up discontinuing them due to lack of sales.



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