Review of Premium Karubi Don at Aburi-EN by rumblingradishes

photo of Aburi-EN Premium Karubi Don shared by @rumblingradishes on  25 Oct 2023 - review

I've never had beef short ribs (and I don't eat beef in general), so honestly, I have no idea if this dish was a good #vegan replica of the meat version. They were really generous with the karubi, and I think it is kind of cool that it's made from #soybean proteins. I liked that the dish came with #shimeji mushrooms and some grated raw #vegetables for some textural and flavour contrasts. This dish wasn't bad, but it honestly felt like something was missing, like it wasn't comforting, and I felt like they gave a little too much premium #rice so the ratios were a bit off. I was glad to be able to try this once for the novelty, but I probably wouldn't get it again, mainly because of the price tag.

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