Review of Eggplant at Ladybird by iszy

photo of Ladybird Eggplant shared by @iszy on  11 May 2023 - review

This was my first bite of food in NYC yesterday and it was absolutely orgasmic. I was getting a bit hangry from traveling, so I was really looking forward to going to one of the many vegan restaurants within a short walk from the hotel. This one was recommended by a friend who went to NYU.

The two breaded thick slices of eggplant were crunchy on the outside and so soft on the inside. The "ricotta" on top was so creamy and flavorful. This restaurant is #nutfree, so I bet it's made out of tofu. The microbasil on top was so fresh and made the dish so beautiful.

This was also my first time eating in one of those covered sidewalk patios in New York that became extra prolific because of Covid. I loved the privacy granted by the terrace structure and the ambience with the soft lighting and many plants. I also really love the tapas structure of this restaurant. It was all about sharing plates which is all @jonok and I do anyway. They said two to four dishes are good for two people, so naturally we got four.

#eggplant #vegancheese #basil #marinara #tomatolover #italian #tapas #nyc #vegantravel #manhattan

This review earned $1 in donation credits!!! What?! Finally!!! #forthedollar

kyu $1 is both amazing and totally deserved for this wonderful review. This looks like an awesome restaurant and I have it bookmarked for my upcoming visit :-) 2 likesReply
iszy Thank you! I just started my NYC journey this week and am overwhelmed with all the options! 1 likeReply
lizmaselli Bookmarked! Greg and I need to try this!1 likeReply
iszy Highly recommend! Reply
beckyyy Looks and sounds so delicious! 1 likeReply

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