Review of Mala DIY at Shu vegetarian 蔬方斋 by eritakay

photo of Shu vegetarian 蔬方斋 Mala DIY shared by @eritakay on  03 Feb 2023 - review

I realised the only dish I’ve ordered repeatedly at Shu Vegetarian is this.

#Mala Xiang Guo is a #spicy dish originating from the Sichuan province in China. Ma means ‘numbing’, and La means ‘spicy’, which immediately tells you what to expect from this dish. The numbing sensation comes from #Sichuan #pinkpeppercorn; it leaves your tongue tingly and numbed, to the unaware might think they’ve eaten poison 🥵🤣. Coupled with extreme levels of #spiciness, it increases your serotonin levels as you eat this dish with the ingredients you chose, leaving you to wanting more of this torture 🤤

10/10 experience always, except for the bathroom trip the day after 💩.

I’ve successfully converted many of my friends to come over to the ~dark side~ but if you’re hesitant because you can’t eat spicy foods, do not worry as Shu Vegetarian can customise the spice and numbness level accordingly 😉


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