Review of Bianca Pizza at Boxcar Pizza by knorthway

photo of Boxcar Pizza Bianca Pizza shared by @knorthway on  31 Dec 2022 - review

Boxcar Pizza’s Bianca Pizza is one of my favorites from their wide selection! It includes Mozzarella, Ricotta, Sausage, Sliced Garlic, Fresh Basil, Grated Parmesan, Sea Salt, and Red Pepper Flakes. Like all of their pizzas, it’s 100% vegan and can be prepared Gluten Free if requested. They bake their pizzas in cast iron skillets that create the most delectable crispy edge’d crusts imaginable! This particular Bianca pizza is great for anyone who enjoys a white sauced pizza, since there isn’t any red sauce and instead clumps of creamy ricotta and perfectly melted mozzarella. Paired with their vegan sausage, this pizzas flavors are drool-worthy. 🤤
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geneogden Omg! That sounds so good! Can’t wait until I’m in Portland again to try some of these things you’ve been posting!2 likesReply
knorthway If ya wanna meet up with another vegan food lover while you’re here, feel free to message me! 3 likesReply
geneogden I sure do! Thank you for that. I live in Tri Cities (Richland) Washington. Next time I’m that way I’ll get a hold of you! 2 likesReply

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