Review of Soybean Chips - Tempe! by TCD by dafnelately

photo of Tempe! by TCD Soybean Chips shared by @dafnelately on  05 Oct 2022 - review

Tempe! by TCD


I have a confession to make 🤞 Every time I have the munchies (read: every night), I think of these amazing #crunchy tempeh chips that @m1tch9i magically accrued at Hinbus 🚏 They are everything a #tempeh lover could ever dream of! Not at all oily, flavoured just to be #umami enough, and with a texture that would land it the poster child for #teamcrunchy! This was a favourite amongst all of us, but I think I definitely took to it the most 👀 I am on #teamtempeh after all! If not for the unfortunate #deathbyplastic packaging, this would be a 10/10 recommendation.. but I suppose 9/10 would do too 🤷‍♀️ #bestpicks #vegansnacks #malaysianeats #veganisnotscary

m1tch9i My only regret was not buying us a second pack 😂1 likeReply
dafnelately They seem to ship.. I’ll order 10 😂1 likeReply

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