Review of Cali BBQ Chik'n Pizza at Can't Believe It's Not Meat Old Town by yourfriendjen

photo of Can't Believe It's Not Meat Old Town Cali BBQ Chik'n Pizza shared by @yourfriendjen on  28 Aug 2022 - review

Pizza contains vegan BBQ pizza sauce, vegan bbq chikn, red onions, and vegan cheese.
This was good and had a TON of melty cheese on it. The cheese does feel weird on my teeth/lips, but it's tasty so I'll deal with it. The chikn was good and you get a piece with almost every bite, no complaints. Enough for 3 servings. Maybe it's because I'm from the Midwest, but this would be so good with some vegan ranch 🤤

berryveganplanet That looks soo good! 😋 Another place for me to try out! Thank you! Yum!!!1 likeReply

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