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  • Cali BBQ Chik'n Pizza
  • Cali BBQ Chik'n Pizza

Cali BBQ Chik'n Pizza

by Can't Believe It's Not Meat Old Town


4.00 (2)

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2 May 2023
I decided to treat myself so I finally bought this pizza from Can’t Believe It’s

Not Meat, and like every other dish I’ve gotten from here, it was delicious!!! Will be getting again in the future.

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Pizza contains vegan BBQ pizza sauce, vegan bbq chikn, red onions, and vegan cheese.
This was

good and had a TON of melty cheese on it. The cheese does feel weird on my teeth/lips, but it's tasty so I'll deal with it. The chikn was good and you get a piece with almost every bite, no complaints. Enough for 3 servings. Maybe it's because I'm from the Midwest, but this would be so good with some vegan ranch 🤤

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The kind of pizza that a lot of my Italian friends would hate, with its

bbq sauce base etc, but as fast food I enjoyed. It was massive though didn’t come close to finishing.

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