Review of Ginger snap crunchy cookies - Partake Foods by unejanie

photo of Partake Foods Ginger snap crunchy cookies shared by @unejanie on  24 Jul 2022 - review

Partake Foods

for gluten-free cookies, these were OK. not as crisp as most ginger snaps but they are good. They have a nice ginger taste. My mom really appreciated them. The sweet tooth does not fall far from the tree. of the three partake cookie flavors, i have tried, this is my favorite. they are in a plastic container wrapped in plastic, so a little #deathbyplastic Partake always seems to follow abillion reviews so I would love to hear why they use so much plastic.

Partake Foods We're happy you and your mom had a delicious snack to share and enjoy. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. We are working on ways to better our sustainability efforts and will keep you updated as we make improvements and grow our small business.3 likesReply
lliguerpr96 I know, right? Partake brand also answered my review. And i tried the only one i could find which was the "Double Chocolate Brownie" at Costco Wholesale in Puerto🇵🇷Rico.

I'd love to try their other flavors once Costco bring 'em in.1 likeReply

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