Review of Laksa at Li Wei Vegetarian by stanleyxu94

photo of Li Wei Vegetarian Laksa shared by @stanleyxu94 on  12 Jul 2022 - review

Came here wanting to try their chicken rice, but was told that they only sell it during noon time. In the end, I ordered their laksa instead.

Laksa broth tasted not bad. Even though I personally prefer it to be more aromatic as umami flavor wasn't as strong, maybe due to lack of coconut milk. Hence, it tasted slightly different from the other typical laksa out there.

The ingredients were plentiful, but the tau kwa doesn't seems to taste that fresh. Staff aunty is friendly though, even asked if I wanted to omit the eggs or not. Overall, it was an okay dish. Will return to try their chicken rice the next time!


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