Review of Kala Namak Ayurvedisches Schwarzsalz - Govinda by veganhaven

photo of Govinda Kala Namak Ayurvedisches Schwarzsalz shared by @veganhaven on  10 Jan 2022 - review


A must have in an Indian kitchen ;) I use it to spice up almost everything lol. Best for potato chaat and of course besan chilla (chickpea omelette). It’s like salt& pepper in one. Here in Finland it’s a bit expensive and available in organic/health/veg shop.

sunshineyum The only way to make tofu scramble is with kala namakh!
Is it difficult having an Indian palate in Finland? Not sure I'd cope1 likeReply
veganhaven Right!? And yeah it is tough.. mainly because not all ingredients are available or the same. There’s also a lack of authentic Indian restaurants here. 😔1 likeReply

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