Review of Stir fried spinach at Leaf Corner by parismelody

photo of Leaf Corner Stir fried spinach shared by @parismelody on  15 Oct 2021 - review

Popeye approved! Fresh and gingery with button mushrooms. Eat your veggies (in moderation)

⚠ High oxalate count


dafnelately TIL about oxalates 😐 Welp. I’ve acquired a new worry. I eat nothing but spinach for dinner at times.. (read: once a week) 🙃3 likesReply
thebeast Ahh, same! Literally everything I eat seems to be high in them. 😅2 likesReply
stevenneoh I'm not sure that's even the worst thing about your diet 🤪1 likeReply
parismelody you'll be fine! No harm chuggin some diluted ACV on a daily basis if diet's rich in oxalates 😉1 likeReply
dafnelately I used to drink ACV daily until my sweat reeked of it 🤣 Maybe in moderation but I’m terrible at that 😝1 likeReply
parismelody that doesn't smell half bad.. onion pits are worse 😜Reply

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