Review of Plant Based Dip - Sin Queso by veganonvanisle

photo of Sin Queso Plant Based Dip shared by @veganonvanisle on  03 Oct 2021 - review

Sin Queso

I am a fan!! Definitely need to warm it and whisk it for texture, but the flavour is good.


lol1409 that a bat?1 likeReply
veganonvanisle It might be… 🦇 1 likeReply
vikas Is that a real bat?! 🦇 1 likeReply
veganonvanisle It's not fake... 🖤🦇🖤 sadly this precious soul passed naturally (you may be able to see the torn wing). They were carefully preserved and gifted to a friend of mine for her birthday. 1 likeReply
vikas You definitely are carrying the Halloween movement forward! 🎃1 likeReply
veganonvanisle I haven't even featured the spooky dollhouse yet... stayed tuned 🖤💀🖤1 likeReply

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