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Review of Mocha at Kanteen Mont Kiara by stevenneoh

photo of Kanteen Mont Kiara Mocha shared by @stevenneoh on  06 May 2021 - review

I love the glass jars that Kanteen serves their #icedcoffee in 🤩 And with paper straws too 👏🙌 I'm generally a black coffee devotee and I'm only doing this for the reviews, so I can't really comment on the quality of the #mocha 😅

They charge an extra RM4 to switch the dairy milk to either almond, soy, or #oatmilk (which this was). I'm hugely sympathetic to F&B businesses who have to pass the additional costs on, especially at a time like now, and feel really guilty about shooting the messenger by calling them out here 😔 But you do need to know that this will take the price of your coffee up to the giddy heights of RM 18 😱

Apologies for the egg in the background which my significant omnivore was having; I've already cropped the shot as much as I could without slicing the straw off 🙇‍♂️


david- If you wouldn't have mentioned the egg, no one would've known ;D5 likesReply
stevenneoh It's not the big rectangular stuff either, that's the fried tofu. It's the little yellow strips on top of and mixed into the noodles 😅2 likesReply
stevenneoh I'm tempted to go delete it now, but then I can't delete the comments so what's the point 😂4 likesReply
david- True...2 likesReply