Review of Turmeric - Harmony foods by flouredfingers

photo of Harmony foods Turmeric shared by @flouredfingers on  28 Apr 2021 - reviewphoto of Harmony foods Turmeric shared by @flouredfingers on  28 Apr 2021 - review

Harmony foods

My mother uses this brand, but for me this package is ridiculously small.. I will run out of this with two home cooked meals 😂 Otherwise its good, the minus is its not organic, but I'm not sure how important that is for turmeric 🤔 #veganin2021 #impactfulapril #abillionturns3

david- For most spices you should opt for organic if possible. It's hard sometimes tho. I love using the fresh organic turmeric from Lidl sometimes3 likesReply
flouredfingers I've not seen it in the local supermarkets here, but I really want to try with the fresh as well 👌1 likeReply
malarky Yes.... it’s the most commonly used spice in this house. ... maybe neck and neck with granulated garlic (when we’re rushing or lazy). So I agree, a small package would be crazy! Don’t you love that it isn’t an overbearing spice (except in colour!!!) so you can use it in nearly everything!2 likesReply
flouredfingers Absolutely!! I love it and at my place I keep a big package with organic one that I use on pretty much anything 😍2 likesReply

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