Review of Gluten free Vegan Pizza at Bacini's by cait6

photo of Bacini's Gluten free Vegan Pizza shared by @cait6 on  25 Apr 2021 - review

This pizza was average at best. The gluten-free base was dense and very chewy, which I could ignore if the other aspects were on point, but they weren't. There was little flavour overall, and even after dosing it in chilli and garlic, it was still only mediocre. When paying over R150 for a pizza at an Italian restaurant you expect the tomato sauce to sing with flavour, the base to be thin and the mushrooms to be earthy. Next time I'll rather go to Limoncello!

saigepeters Oh noooo I also had such a horrible experience here 😪 The base is like cardboard! Reply

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