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  • Gluten free Vegan Pizza

Gluten free Vegan Pizza

by Bacini's


2.80 (2)

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15 June 2023
I was so disappointed with this pizza. It had great toppings but the gluten free

base was so chewy. You pay extra for the base and the vegan cheese. I was happy that they subtracted the dairy cheese but I wish they did that for the base as well. It came to a very expensive pizza and wasn't great. I do not recommend

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This pizza was average at best. The gluten-free base was dense and very chewy, which

I could ignore if the other aspects were on point, but they weren't. There was little flavour overall, and even after dosing it in chilli and garlic, it was still only mediocre. When paying over R150 for a pizza at an Italian restaurant you expect the tomato sauce to sing with flavour, the base to be thin and the mushrooms to be earthy. Next time I'll rather go to Limoncello!

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