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Review of Nuggets Vegetarianos - Soi-yah! by abi88

photo of Soi-yah! Nuggets Vegetarianos shared by @abi88 on  17 Apr 2021 - reviewphoto of Soi-yah! Nuggets Vegetarianos shared by @abi88 on  17 Apr 2021 - reviewphoto of Soi-yah! Nuggets Vegetarianos shared by @abi88 on  17 Apr 2021 - review

Nuggets Vegetarianos



A nice product for a lazy #lunch.
These nuggets are not so tasty but they are filling so.. just what I was looking for this afternoon.

A quick #nerdyfact about soy — is a complete source of protein - Soy is consider one of The Big8— meaning the 8 most common products causing allergies 🤧 but how common is soy allergy? Less than 0,5% of global population — so don’t be afraid of soy unless you are inside this %

rikesh Love a lazy lunch Abi! These nuggets look delicious, perfect for dunking into that ketchup too 😋 ❤️❤️ 3 likesReply
abi88 They were, after one I decided to dunk them in green hot chili sauce — much better idea 💡 😜1 likeReply
valeveg75 big size nuggets1 likeReply
abi88 I forgot to say that the plate was for two !! Plus I had 8 more in the freezer 👍🏽 they are super big 🤤1 likeReply
totoro Thank you for the #nerdyfact ❤️ there are a lot of people afraid of soy, but she's actually a cutie 😂😂2 likesReply
abi88 Thanks for reading it ❤️❤️ Soy is excellent and versatile 1 likeReply
totoro Absolutely agreed 🥰 Reply
bethany0990 These look delicious!!🤤🙌🏻🌱1 likeReply
abi88 They were 😍😍 and huge 😉1 likeReply
nictecita I’m inside of this % 😢 1 likeReply
abi88 😢😢 omg !! Never knew someone, the most rare allergy I heard is against avocado 🥑 so yours is not so tragic 😉 right?Reply
nictecita More or less, depends on my disease, it depends also on the quality I guess, cause sometimes the consequences are more severe (for months),but there are always consequences in my body 😪, but is better than before 🤥Reply
aqualing Thanks for the fact🙏🏼 I wish more ppl get their idea on soy straight😢 Another widely spread misinformation is soy causes breast cancer, when in fact the opposite is true. 2 likesReply
abi88 I have no clue where all these misinformation come from !! It is so bad 😐1 likeReply
david- Lmao here in Germany some people believe that eating too much soy as a male person makes boobs grow hahaha2 likesReply
abi88 Same thing in Mexico!! What is wrong with people 😅 Reply
aqualing I’ve heard that one too🙄 do they think all the ppl who eat soy products throughout their life, and for centuries, would go with that?🤦🏻‍♀️Reply

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