Review of Mango ice cream - Kelava by moralcompassion4all

photo of Kelava Mango ice cream shared by @moralcompassion4all on  19 Jan 2021 - review


- Man, go vegan (already)!
- Girl, if that man ain't vegan...let that man-go

Aite, sorry for the cringy opening xD (I've seen these jokes so many times before)

Another great refreshing, tropical flavour of vegan ice cream from one of our amazing #local #vegan #icecreammakers i.e. Kelava!

I personally got to know the founder a month ago during our #AV Cube #KL Chapter - he is a young & kind guy with an entrepreneurial spirit and a down-to-earth personality.

veganhaven The name of the product 😂👌1 likeReply
moralcompassion4all ikr :3Reply
iamgodschild Ohhhhh yesssaaa 1 likeReply
malarky I am a fan of your humour... :-)1 likeReply
moralcompassion4all why thank uu ;)Reply
elliott96 😂😂1 likeReply

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