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Review of Tangy Tartar at VeganBurg Singapore by astxnto

photo of VeganBurg Singapore Tangy Tartar shared by @astxnto on  20 Dec 2020 - reviewphoto of VeganBurg Singapore Tangy Tartar shared by @astxnto on  20 Dec 2020 - review

I am in love with this Tartar sauce, it is very tangy indeed :) And creamy !!

I’m actually very impressed lately on this place ability to make creamy sauces without dairy !!

The cucumbers complimented the tartar sauce really well and gave it a very refreshing feel to this burger overall

The soy patty is also pretty good, so if you don’t want to top up $7 for an impossible or beyond meat patty, the soy patty isn’t bad as well and overall makes the whole dish a lot more affordable and worth it (around $12)

Overall it’s pretty good if I have to say and I’d give it a 8.5/10

Tbh Ive been eating a lot of VeganBurg because there isn’t a lot of vegan delivery options on deliveroo around my house and I’m lazy to go out 😅 but I’m glad this burger is actually really good and that they have a lot of variety on burgers !!

It’s really nice to see a vegan fast food joint here in Singapore 🇸🇬 :)

waisum If you love burgers you can try ordering directly from places like Love Handle burgers or Veggie Dojo. Check their IG! I believe they deliver islandwide 😊🛵1 likeReply
astxnto Oooo thanks ! Reply

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