Review of Beyond Burger at Vegan Street Food ZA by simonel

photo of Vegan Street Food ZA Beyond Burger shared by @simonel on  29 Oct 2020 - reviewphoto of Vegan Street Food ZA Beyond Burger shared by @simonel on  29 Oct 2020 - review

UPDATE TO THIS REVIEW ~ I had the beyond burger from them again and it was incredible! The pattie was succulent, the salad items were generous and the mayo sauce was delicious. I don't know what cheese they use but it was melted and delicious. Highly recommended. They ran a special with 2 beyond burgers for R110 🥳🥳

** Usually the food here is amazing so I think this was just an off moment and I'd encourage people to buy from this deli - it really is great!**
I wanted to love this because it's from their new deli (and especially after seeing how their burgers usually look based on other Billionveg reviews 🥺😳)
Unfortunately it's not one of the better beyond burgers I've had.
The burger itself was a little overdone and the sauce was on the stingy side. There was also no tomato so all in all it was quite dry.
Had it been a cheaper burger I probably wouldn't nitpick but when I'm paying R110 for a burger with no sides I really would like perfection 😂
On the plus side, the service was great 👌

talthegreenteacher So unusual! All their food is so great (as i know you know too) so hopefully they'll see this and fix it 😥Reply
simonel I know! Everything I've had from them has been 👌 I really was in two minds about this review because it's just one dish that wasn't as great as it could've been ~ when their food is usually amazing.1 likeReply

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