Beyond Burger

  • Is Beyond Burger vegan? Yes! Beyond Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Beyond Meat Burger with Air fryer Potato Wedges

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Most helpful reviews

This is so yummy and amazing. I've had this burger twice. I preferred the sweet

potato bun to the pumpkin seed bun. I love the cheese and the toppings. It's so fresh.

This has got to be the best beyond burger that I've tasted! They prepare it

to perfection with all the garnishing!😁

A really delicious burger - the tomato was added at home. So excited that the

new store has opened less than 5 minutes from home. A beautiful fresh bun, the beyond burger, vegan mayo and cheese with lettuce and gherkins. Might just have to do this again and again. #veganisnotscary #beyondburger #burger #veganburger

UPDATE TO THIS REVIEW ~ I had the beyond burger from them again and it

was incredible! The pattie was succulent, the salad items were generous and the mayo sauce was delicious. I don't know what cheese they use but it was melted and delicious. Highly recommended. They ran a special with 2 beyond burgers for R110 🥳🥳

** Usually the food here is amazing so I think this was just an off moment and I'd encourage people to buy from this deli - it really is great!**
I wanted to love this because it's from their new deli (and especially after seeing how their burgers usually look based on other Billionveg reviews 🥺😳)
Unfortunately it's not one of the better beyond burgers I've had.
The burger itself was a little overdone and the sauce was on the stingy side. There was also no tomato so all in all it was quite dry.
Had it been a cheaper burger I probably wouldn't nitpick but when I'm paying R110 for a burger with no sides I really would like perfection 😂
On the plus side, the service was great 👌

A reminder of the INSANELY good Beyond Burger from who trade at the Hout Bay

Market, The Range Market in Tokai, Vegan Goods Market (various locations) and Hippie Connection Market in Jozi!

Yummy beyond burger pattie with nice melty cheese and sauce

Visiting the Vegan Goods Market is like walking into the candy aisle. So many delicious

treats. The Beyond Burger is a default option when struggling to make a decision. Consistently tasty. #veganin2020

For R110, I find it rather pricey but I do understand that the beyond meat

burger is expensive in general

Best value for money I’ve seen. Really great 👌👌👌👌 again their cheese !!!

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