Review of Rasa Sayang Burger at VeganBurg Singapore by raffymabanag

photo of VeganBurg Singapore Rasa Sayang Burger shared by @raffymabanag on  14 May 2020 - review

Traveling for almost an hour by train just to try this burger was worth-it! The texture of the patty was good. And the "vegan egg" is extraordinary. The appearance and consistency is spot-on. Will definitely try this again! #rotd

waisum Omg I feel you! Are you a fellow westie🤗Reply
raffymabanag @waisum Yes, I am 😊🤗Reply
waisum @raffymabanag Yayyyy hiiiii 👋🤗Reply
raffymabanag @waisum hi! Pleasure to meet you 👋😊 Reply
tamiapple Sounds & looks fab! 🍔😍Reply
raffymabanag @tamiapple It was really yummy 😋Reply
xnatt08 I miss vegan burg!! Do you know what the ‘egg’ was made of?! 🤩Reply
raffymabanag @xnatt08 it is made of pumpkin 😊Reply
xnatt08 @raffymabanag so innovative! Can’t wait to try it next time! (: Reply
raffymabanag @xnatt08 👍😊Reply

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