Review of Thunder Tea Rice (Lei Cha) at 擂茶树 Thunder Tree by applepancakes

photo of 擂茶树 Thunder Tree Thunder Tea Rice (Lei Cha) shared by @applepancakes on  07 May 2020 - review

$8 in the delivery menu! hands down BEST lei cha I’ve ever eaten, and my mum and grandma agrees too😭 the leicha soup as I’ve said is so smooth and doesn’t leave the “siap siap” feeling after drinking, and the veggies are super well cooked and fresh. you can smell the fragrance of the salted vegetables once you open the box and it’s just mmm. absolutely love it, just that we always add extra peanuts for that crunch!

waisum My absolute fave 🤤💚⚡️🌳Reply
applepancakes @waisum me too!!!😍Reply

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