Review of Lei Cha Rice at 擂茶树 Thunder Tree by choyyuen

photo of 擂茶树 Thunder Tree Lei Cha Rice shared by @choyyuen on  16 Nov 2019 - review

💟 Lei cha or ground tea is a healthy dish, it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. I have been taking lei cha since young, mainly because it is one of my Hakka dish. The green colour soup (or tea) is the soul of this dish. I have tried lei cha in other places, but I prefer 😍 Thunder tree's lei cha as it is closer to the authentic one. Thunder tree uses about 10 types of fresh herbs to make this soup. Among these herbs, some have more bitter taste and it's important to have a right mix. The traditional one is mildly bitter with a hint of sweetness. We usually put the soup (or tea) in a kettle and pour into our individual bowls of rice and veggies before serving. Whenever I am at Chinatown area, I remember this comforting 🤗 lei cha rice at Thunder tree. #thundertea #thundertearice #sgfavourites #asiafav #veganfood #vegan #hakka #comfortfood

waisum My fave thunder tea place!!! ⚡️💚🌳💚⚡️Reply
choyyuen @waisum yeah⚡🌳 🤣🤣Reply
dourayra had this in the first couple of days i moved to Sg and I was super impressed!!Reply
choyyuen 😄😄😄Reply

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