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💟 Lei cha or ground tea is a healthy dish, it is rich in nutrients

and antioxidants. I have been taking lei cha since young, mainly because it is one of my Hakka dish. The green colour soup (or tea) is the soul of this dish. I have tried lei cha in other places, but I prefer 😍 Thunder tree's lei cha as it is closer to the authentic one. Thunder tree uses about 10 types of fresh herbs to make this soup. Among these herbs, some have more bitter taste and it's important to have a right mix. The traditional one is mildly bitter with a hint of sweetness. We usually put the soup (or tea) in a kettle and pour into our individual bowls of rice and veggies before serving. Whenever I am at Chinatown area, I remember this comforting 🤗 lei cha rice at Thunder tree. #thundertea #thundertearice #sgfavourites #asiafav #veganfood #vegan #hakka #comfortfood

It contains vegetables, beancurd, peanuts and rice. It comes with a green soup that you

may pour over the rice and mix it. It is such a tasty, healthy and nutritious meal. #crfsg

Thanks @opheeeliaaa for taking me out to try some delicious Chinese vegan food which

otherwise I would have necmver tried.
I totally enjoyed the rice with all the flavourful elements as you can see but the soup was just out of this world.the flavours of spices,herbs were way too unbelievable.cant wait to visit again with @veganvedika @veganfoodieomgopnik

#top50dishes @abillion10

I tried the lei cha soup this time! It was lovely! I added some hot

water to reduce the thickness and I found a likeable taste to lei cha! #crf

The ingredients a bit cold only rice is hot. Eat it after finished the noodles

😅 overall still good 👍🏻


Thundertea rice had always been one of my favourites but it is hard to find

one near my house and I am so lazy to travel 😂. Luckily my mum dabaoed the one from this shop in Chinatown! This is one of the best thunder tea rice in my opinion, I love the generous amount of veggies in this bowl. Unlike many other version, this comes with adzuki beans too which is good for nourishing the blood! 😊. Considering that they use organic vegetables in this bowl, the money was definitely worth it! Their soup was thick as well which compliments the rice bowl very well. They mentioned that their soup contains a type of type which aids better sleep (I really did slept fitfully that night). The only regret was that i had forgotten to ask for their chili. Maybe a sign for me to go back there again? 😜

I think the soup is an acquired taste. It’s really thick, herby and medicinal which

I’m not used to, however, I’m determined to learn to appreciate these flavours. Good textures, individual complements were well seasoned and brought something different to the rice dish. I added mushrooms for the extra umami and meatyness which I thought the initial bowl was lacking.The chilli was really good but they were extremely stingy with their chilli. I had to go back 4 times to get a puny amount.

One of the best thunder tea rice I've had in town. The rice has an

assortment of vegetables, tofu, peanuts, beans, and other good stuff that completely covered the rice below you can't even see it. Really delicious! 👍

For the Asian palate, Thunder Tea Rice (擂茶) should be a staple in the plant-based

diet. This one’s a favourite - rich in natural flavour, and very fresh due to the use of veggies grown on their family-owned farm. Their chili, which you have to request, is very tasty but also very spicy!

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