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Beef-Style Wellington

by Woolworths Food
4.17 (21)
  • Is Beef-Style Wellington vegan? Yes! Beef-Style Wellington is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 83%

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Most helpful reviews

Yum! Yum! Yum! This is a total Christmas game changer. Looked beautiful on the table

and tasted delicious. Soft buttery pastry, yummy “beef” and spinach filling.

#veganisnotscary 81/90

Welldone woolies, this was amazing, I unfortunately did not look at the price cause I

got so excited but whatever it was it’s worth it ! It was so amazing having a proper meal for Christmas, I ate 3/4 of it by myself on Christmas Day and the next day as leftovers and even got a non vegan to try it !! So impressed was so happy with this it was delicious

Price: R179.99 = $9.93
Quite tasty and can serve one person for 2 meals or one

meal for 2 ppl sharing. The soya, mushroom and Spinach work well. I used my oven for the first time in 7yrs at this apartment and it was easy to cook and done well (yay!).
Swipe ▶️▶️ for the unflaterring pics of my cooking, trust me it tasted way better than it looks. A bit pricey for home cook food so I wouldn't buy it often though, but maybe good for once a month.
Thing to note is they say not suitable for home freezing but I did it mistakenly for a month, shifted it to the fridge the night before and then left it outside for 3-4hrs before cooking and no issues.

Luckily I saw on social media before I bought this that the cooking instructions on

the back might not be accurate so I knew to put the oven on 180 and then keep an eye on it. It took about 30 minutes like that and turned out nicely. I enjoyed the taste and the texture so would definitely buy it again for a dinner party or such 🙂 #greyton #ashers #pigsnpaws

It’s possible I didn’t prepare this correctly, but I don’t think I enjoyed this as

much as other reviewers have - I loved the pastry, but the soy meat was too dry for me. Woolworths launched this alongside the chicken-style stack which included the cheese sauce, I think that a sauce (like cranberry perhaps?) should’ve rather been included with this wellington and not the stack. Personal preference 🤷🏼‍♀️ I love reading that others have enjoyed this at their Christmas table and shoutout to Woolworths for creating such an inclusive dish for vegans during the festive season 🎄 #veganisnotscary (63/90)

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