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  • Is We love coco Classic vegan? Yes! We love coco Classic is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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23 June 2021
So smooth, so delicious. It’s been a while ....

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This is a little different yogurt than the other plain ones I’ve tried. I’ve seen

a few reviews for it here and the taste doesn’t appeal to everyone. I will try to explain what it tastes like, in case anyone is thinking of trying it🤔

The level of sourness is similar to plain dairy yogurt. Since this yogurt contains coconut milk, the combination of that sourness with the coconut flavor, results in a slightly strange taste which can be unpleasant for some. I think it’s because we’re not used to coconut being sour😂
This was a new flavor for my taste buds👅 and I actually liked it. Also, the texture is very creamy👌
Even if you buy it and you don't like it, you can mix it with oats, berries or use it for some sauce maybe.

💰11 HRK ≈ €1,45 ≈ $1,75

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I'm a bit picky about yogurt.
I try a lot of them, but I only

have a few favourites.

This is definitely among the best I have tasted. Unfortunately I don't buy it often because of the packaging.

I hope that sooner or later they will sell it in a single large package. Maybe in other countries they already do that.

I recommend it if you are not a coconut lover because the taste is totally neutral, you don't feel that it is made with coconut milk. It is very creamy.

💰 1,19 €

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