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Victoria Vegan Alfredo

by Victoria Vegan


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4 May 2021
This is a cashew-based Alfredo sauce. I tried it w angel hair pasta, broccoli, and

peas-so good!! I’m a huge cashew fan so I loved the taste and texture 👍🏼 I wish I remembered how much it cost but I got too excited and just grabbed it lol will be buying again regardless!!

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Victoria brand pasta sauce is already so great. I was thrilled when I found their

vegan Alfredo. Not bad at all! Worth a try. Different from other vegan Alfredo’s. But good

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a good cashew-based sauce low in saturated fat (1 gram per 1/4 cup). cocoa

butter flavor is an unexpected ingredient. #NationalFettuccineAlfredoDay

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The sauce is very tasty, and fills my craving for alfredo. It just doesn't have

that creamy texture that you'd expect from regular alfredo...you can tell that it's made from cauliflower. Regardless, The taste is wonderful. It should just be eaten right away... kind of dries out overnight.

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