Chicken Fillets

by VFC
4.18 (41)
  • Is Chicken Fillets vegan? Yes! Chicken Fillets is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 47%

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So, I took a random trip to a local market that I’ve been to a

couple times before and searched around for vegan food that I couldn’t get in my town. I was in the frozen section and I saw VF-fricken-C! Bro, I thought these were only sold in the UK. Apparently not. I obviously copped it.
Just made a nice ol’ vegan chick’un sandwich out one of the fillets. It was pretty dang good. Texture was on point. The spices were yummy. The breading was bready. I would definitely buy this and eat this again. If you want to eat something like chicken flesh but without cutting it off an innocent creature, go cop some VFC fillets!

#veganchicken #veganchickunburger #vfc #veganfriedchicken #veganuary #veganuary2023 #animalfleshfree #yummy

My partner who’s not eating as much vegan food as me is mindblown by how

great this tastes & even agrees he’d rather have this than chicken if it’s easily available to us in Singapore where we live 🙊 Fingers crossed they expand to Asia 🤞🏽 #veganisnotscary

It was tasty and a perfect size for a sandwich or cut up on a


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