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Smoked bacon

by Urban Vegan


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  • Is Smoked bacon vegan? Yes! Smoked bacon is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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30 September 2021
Stunning bacon that is perfect for using in a sandwich, add to a stew and

serve next to scrambled tofu

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This is my go-to if I am looking to add a little bit of smokiness

to a mac 'n cheese or a loaded spud. It does have a little sweet taste to it but it's a great vegan substitute.

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I am not a massive fan of meat alternatives in general and don't eat them

every day, but I saw these bacon rashers and wanted to try them out. They had a great smokey flavour with a bit of kick to them and they can be eaten cold as a snack or you can fry them in a pan. It was actually quite delicious both ways and surprised me 😁 I found these at Kaylee's Market.


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