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  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Vegan Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

by The Ice Cream & Cookie Co


4.11 (55)

  • Is Vegan Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich vegan? Yes! Vegan Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 35%

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7 August 2022
#EveryEffortCount #7 Aug #197/365 #1232
Really love this place...so peacefully enjoying the ice cream! The

ice cream sandwich with the dark chocolate tasted too yummy though a bit sweet but yum 😋

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I have been waiting for vegan ice cream sandwiches and my wish has come true!

These two flavors did not disappoint but I prefer the coconut flavour to the chocolate. It's not too sweet and I like it as an after-meal dessert. #crf

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Was amazing to se this at Coastes as a vegan dessert. I got one for

SG$6 (which is expensive tbh) but I’m so happy that i could try it.
Good consistency, great chocolate flavours. It melted quick BUT I blame the sun for this.
The cookie was not to die for but I always find this to be the case with ice cream cookies.

I didn’t love the ice that was on the cookie too but this was also not the fault of the product and just something that happens because it’s a frozen product. But still I love it!
Just wish it was cheaper
#icecream #dessert #CRF

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What a delightful treat, really enjoyed the dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate biscuit. Glad

I finally got the chance to try it. #chocolatelover #vegan #ditchdairy

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This is my first time tasting chocolate ice cream sandwich. It is definitely delicious 😋

The experience is great.

The cookie holds very well & at the same time soft to bite. The ingredients of the cookie is surprisingly clean & good. But the ice cream itself has some Es.

The Packaging is nicely designed like a pocket. I like the personal message from the founder & am surprised to learn that this is proudly made in Singapore 🇸🇬 A local product with great potential!

This is a surprise treat from my cousin & she definitely is getting more & more knowledgeable & adventurous in buying vegan food!


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