Sticky chilli cauliflower bites

  • Is Sticky chilli cauliflower bites vegan? Yes! Sticky chilli cauliflower bites is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 51%

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Most helpful reviews

These were so nice, good tempura style batter and nice sticky sauce, only £1 for

a box, I had half-hearted box with rice and it made a decent meal 🌱 #willows

Wow! These are really nice some big juicy cauliflower with nice light batter,

the sticky chilli sauce really brings these out and isn't to spicy either.

These were… fine. I cooked them in the air fryer expecting them to be super

crispy, but they came out very soft. The cauliflower inside was mush. Also, the sauce was too sweet and not hot enough so I used sriracha instead (added after I took photo… forgot to retake!) I much prefer the Costco versions.

Ok first of all the box states it contains 4 servings. I know companies stretch

this a bit but come on Tesco! This box isn’t even 2 servings!!!
They cooked fine and tasted fine. I don’t know what they cost now but I think I’d only buy them if they were cheap.

Managed to get these for 62p so they may be on their way out. Really

nice tasting and easy to cook for a lovely starter or snack

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