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  • Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces
  • Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces

Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces

by Tesco


4.35 (13)

  • Is Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces vegan? Yes! Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 47%

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4 February 2021
Really tasty in flavour. Had with red onions and sweet red peppers mixed with fajita

mix and added it in a wrap with side wedges. I would maybe suggest to cut them into half once soft as they are quite on the big size and could get more for a dish but apart from that brill and for £1.75 you cant go wrong.

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Everyone was all 'if you know you know' about these. And girlllll, now I KNOW.

served them to meat eating family who didn't even notice.
Str fried, oven baked, cold on sandwiches. These are amazing. Better than Quorn, cheaper too. Really absorb any fly for that you cook with them although they fly full enough to be eating on their own just stir-fried quickly with some vegetables. will definitely be getting these again going to be an absolute staple in my freezer as there's so many ways you can use them

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My new favourite mock chicken. It feels super fresh and cooks up really nice and

golden in the pan (I fried it up in some vegan butter and garlic and the colour was gorgeous). Retained a nice juicy texture and was also substantial, and almost half the price of What the Cluck! REALLY impressed I have to say. My only criticism is that the pieces stick together quite a bit when you’re trying to fry them, but I didn’t really mind #day67 #veganisnotscary #1reviewaday

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These chicken pieces are great value for money, but not the best alternative I've ever

had. I would get these again, but they probably wouldn't be my first choice. They were very soft, but the outside crisped up nicely.
Calories - 281 per half pack

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