Hair Ties

by Terra Ties
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How many of you tend to always lose your ponytail holders???!!! I know I do.

Imagine how many of those are just out there in the midst.

Now, here we have these same ol' black classic ones which are not only 100% organic but biodegradable as well. How cool is that!!!

With this being said, I truly love these and highly recommend them to all.

I got these from a local vendor, R Planet Co
You can find them:

Xoxo #aloha

Organic and biodegradable hair ties! They hold really well, even through high-impact workouts. So much

better than other hair ties I’ve used (and I “wear” a ponytail daily!). #uplandspeak

Bought these from One tie seems to last forever, I've been using the same

one for a couple months now and it's still got is shape. They were pricey for hair ties but that makes me appreciate them more and not think of them as such a "disposable" item.

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