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  • Is Seitan vegan? Yes! Seitan is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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13 April 2021
Just scroll right to see what a good chef can do with a great product.

Thank you Norah Hudson, this seitan made the most flavourful, Asian dish with noodles. #greyton

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This seitan is delicious and so high in protein! Sliced, spiced and pan fried in

olive oil, this made a delicious sandwich filler with mayo and cucumber. Highly recommend!

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This 280g block seitan gives a lot of pieces once cut, it can feed 3

- 4 people.

The taste was good, we enjoyed it although the texture was more mushroom like.

I will buy it again.

Bought it at Monument Spar

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As with most seitan this needs lots of flavour pumped into it either via marinating

and a sauce - or both! Worked very well thinly cut and stir fried with veg & noodles

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