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  • Mighty Dozen Organic
  • Mighty Dozen Organic

Mighty Dozen Organic

by Suja Juice


4.56 (9)

  • Is Mighty Dozen Organic vegan? Yes! Mighty Dozen Organic is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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1 January 2023
Absolutely delicious, nutritious and satisfying #greenjuice to rival the best of them! Wish Suja Juice

was available in #southafrica. #abillionwishlist #greenjuiceaddict

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Another life-saver!

This green juice goes well with Spindrift lime. I’ve been doing a 50/50

mix of the two.

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No excuse to not have a juice daily. This one is a little sweeter than

the pure green juice. Cold pressed and organic. How much better can it get?
Well, maybe glass bottles would be better.

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Healthy mix of green juice. The ginger makes it a little spicy in that ginger

way. It’s refreshing and very earthy.

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It was a bit pricey but very good for a green juice! Made me feel

healthy after all those burgers haha.

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