Oven baked sweet potato

by Strong Roots
4.29 (15)
  • Is Oven baked sweet potato vegan? Yes! Oven baked sweet potato is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 51%

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Most helpful reviews

A regular thing I take when I am lazy to make fresh ones, but these

do taste great as fresh :) I dont use any salt but ketchup does the job perfectly! About 3 € in Eurospar :)

These are the tastiest sweet potato fries, and I’ve tried them all, trust me. A

good deal more expensive (£3) than shops own brand but its so worth it because these ones are super crispy whereas others and stodgy and they cook really quick in my air fryer. Labelled vegan too

So sorry this is a terrible photo. But you can see how much these are

loved as I couldn’t even get a picture of these before demolishing them! They’re the perfect amount of crispy and soft, not over flavoured like some and easy to cook to perfection which is saying something for someone prone to biting nearly everything I consume. They are so overpriced for what they are which is essentially just sweet potatoes chopped into fries with a little oil painted over them. But I got these on offer and if you’re short on time these are a sweet sweet solution to the busy working life

Delicious, vegan, crispy and great baked.

Frozen food department 🛒 Sainsbury’s

These go with anything! 😋

Clearly Vegan marked, I did these in the deep fryer and they were just like

you'd get in a pub. Not overly strong, nice level of perfumey flavour but certainly not overpowering

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