SoFish Burgers

by SoFine
4.34 (21)
  • Is SoFish Burgers vegan? Yes! SoFish Burgers is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

SoFine is a European brand that makes awesome vegan alternatives. I finally tried the SoFish

burger. I've used their Tofu blocks for cooking often but tried SoFish products first time. Since fish is (unfortunately) something I've occasionally had before I became vegetarian several years ago (and vegan later), I thought I could judge this product's taste based on that. I think it was pretty much like fish - very salty and fish-like texture. Those who liked that would love this product. It won't smell fishy xD It's made from soybeans, nofish! Fastfood 5/5
4 frozen burger patties for about 4€

The taste SoFisch Burger is really good! It even smells and taste like fish and

the texture is really good as well!
I can recommend it!

I tried this burger last weekend. Well my bf became recently vegan and he wanted

to try it. I don’t miss fish or any kind of meat, never been a fan. So I wasn’t sure but it was tasty. For me was more like nuggets than fish. But yummy 😉

-delicious vegan substitute for fish burgers from SoFine, available from Netto, among others
-leckerer veganer Ersatz

für Fischburger von SoFine, erhältlich unter anderem bei Netto

„Fisch“ Burger von SoFine
gute Abwechslung zu sonstigen Patties
Struktur ist ziemlich gut
Basis ist Soja
2 Stück pro


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